Application for 2021-2022 are now open

For questions concerning the application process, please contact ubinet-application [at]

Admission Criteria

The program is designed for those having completed four years of University (either a three-year Bachelor program and a first year of Master of Science or a four-year long Bachelor) in either computer science, networking, applied mathematics, or electrical engineering.

Tuition Fees

  • EU students pay the regular fees of approximately 250 € for the full year
  • Students enrolled in a Double Degree Diploma (ECNU, INPT, ENSAT, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Poitecnico di Bari, University of L'Aquila) pay the tuiton fees in their home university only. Only CVEC (see below) will have to be paid at UNS/UCA.
  • In 2021-2022, non EU students will pay the regular tuition fees, similarly to EU students.
  • All students will have to pay the CVEC of about 90 €. This must be paid prior to enrollement at UNS/UCA.

Excellence Scholarship program from DS4H

The Excellence Scholarship Program from the DS4H Master school offers outstanding students the chance to receive a grant for the Ubinet track. This will be a decision from the Ubinet Program Committee. Key conditions: being a non French citizen and having studied oustide France, do the Master Internship with one of the Ubinet teams. Details here.

Important Dates

  • February - April : First Round of applications

  • Mid May : Final notification of acceptance for the 1st round

Applying in the first round increases the chances of getting a DS4H Excellence Scholarship.

  • May - Beginning of June : Second Round of applications

  • Mid June: Final notification of acceptance for the second round


Step 1: Ubinet level application

Concatenate the following document in a SINGLE pdf file:

  • Detailed CV, transcripts,motivation letter, recommendation letters.

  • Fill the following form

Step 2: Master level application

For EU students + non EU students that do not need to apply through Campus France,

  • Apply on e-candidat web site: will open in between April 12 and May 27

  • Apply to Master Informatique (=Computer Science) and choose the "filière Ingénierie" (= engineering track), not the "Informatique et Interactions".

For students that need to apply through on Campus France (ie currently residing in these countries:)

  • Apply to the Campus France / Etudes en France web site. Use the keyword Ubiquitous to find the Ubinet program here.

  • Alternatively, you can apply to the "Master Sciences, technologies, santé mention informatique spécialité informatique : fondements et ingénierie" since Ubinet is the international track of this master.