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PhD and R&D positions in Ubinet Teams

This page aggregates open PhD and R&D positions by the research teams at I3S and INRIA involved in Ubinet. Another important list of PhD offers on Sophia-Antipolis in the IT domain is the one of the EDSTIC doctoral school.

Open positions

With secured funding

Date Team(s) Type Link

Offered to open calls, typically at EDSTIC Doctoral School or Labex UCN@Sophia

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Closed positions from previous years


Date Team(s) Type Link
26/02/2019 NEOand Epione teams (Inria Sophia Antipolis)
Accenture Labs(Sophia antipolis)
PhD Distributed Machine Learning for IoT applications
18/05/17 Diana & NFCOM Engineer Enabling Device2Device communications in exhibition scenarios
18/05/17 Diana & Dionysos PhD Big data analysis for network monitoring and troubleshooting
17/03/17 Diana & Muse PhD Mapping Quality of Service metrics to user Quality of Experience in the Internet
26/01/17 Signet & Easybroadcast PhD CIFRE  Data Mining and Optimization of multi-content distribution in hybrid P2PWeb networks
26/01/17 Diana Engineer Engineer R&D: Android and Web developer
01/12/15 Diana ANR From network-level measurements to expected Quality of User Experience
16/12/15 Diana/SigNet Labex UCN@Sophia Empowering Virtualized Networks with Measurement As a Service (MaaS)
11/06/15 Diana Engineer Engineer R&D: Development on networks and systems
08/05/15 Diana Project Enabling New Challenging Applications and Services via Software Defined Networking
13/05/15 Coati and Diana Labex Exploring the Micro-Structure of Social Graphs
13/05/15 Diana and CMA (LEAT) Labex Towards Cross-layer MIMO for 5G networks
13/05/15 Scale and CRISAM (INRIA) Labex Predictive Big Data Analytics: continuous and dynamically adaptable data request and processing
24/05/15 Scale ED STIC Reproducibility of research results using computing resources