PhD & R&D jobs

PhD and R&D positions in Ubinet Teams

This page aggregates open PhD and R&D positions by the research teams at I3S and INRIA involved in Ubinet. Another important list of PhD offers on Sophia-Antipolis in the IT domain is the one of the EDSTIC doctoral school.

Open positions

With secured funding

Date Team(s) Type Link
26/02/2019 NEOand Epione teams (Inria Sophia Antipolis)
Accenture Labs(Sophia antipolis)
PhD Distributed Machine Learning for IoT applications

Offered to open calls, typically at EDSTIC Doctoral School or Labex UCN@Sophia

Date Team(s) Type Link

Closed positions from previous years


Date Team(s) Type Link
18/05/17 Diana & NFCOM Engineer Enabling Device2Device communications in exhibition scenarios
18/05/17 Diana & Dionysos PhD Big data analysis for network monitoring and troubleshooting
17/03/17 Diana & Muse PhD Mapping Quality of Service metrics to user Quality of Experience in the Internet
26/01/17 Signet & Easybroadcast PhD CIFRE  Data Mining and Optimization of multi-content distribution in hybrid P2PWeb networks
26/01/17 Diana Engineer Engineer R&D: Android and Web developer
01/12/15 Diana ANR From network-level measurements to expected Quality of User Experience
16/12/15 Diana/SigNet Labex UCN@Sophia Empowering Virtualized Networks with Measurement As a Service (MaaS)
11/06/15 Diana Engineer Engineer R&D: Development on networks and systems
08/05/15 Diana Project Enabling New Challenging Applications and Services via Software Defined Networking
13/05/15 Coati and Diana Labex Exploring the Micro-Structure of Social Graphs
13/05/15 Diana and CMA (LEAT) Labex Towards Cross-layer MIMO for 5G networks
13/05/15 Scale and CRISAM (INRIA) Labex Predictive Big Data Analytics: continuous and dynamically adaptable data request and processing
24/05/15 Scale ED STIC Reproducibility of research results using computing resources