Specific Programme for Lebanese Students


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For the academic year 2021-2022, a specific procedure is offered to host 2 Lebanese students in the M2 Ubinet.
These two students will benefit from a scholarship  jointly funded by the French Embassy in Lebanon and
Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée.
A scholarship consists in an allocation of 5 500 euros. The beneficiaries will be considered as "Boursiers du Gouvernement Francais" with a package
including the social security coverage in France, the university registration fees, the visa fees, the airline ticket between Lebanon and France, and a priority access to university logging.
During the second semester, students commit to do their master thesis (internship) in one of the research teams at Inria Sophia - Méditerranée, see link .
Internship will be paid with a so-called gratification (about 550 euros per month during the 6 months).


Conditions to Apply

  • Lebanese citizenship (Double French-Lebanese citizenships are not eligible)
  • Being currently enrolled in a Lebanese university, in a Computer Science or Electrical Engineering curriculum
  • Max age is 27 (as of Sept. 2021)
  • 4-year curriculum completed (as of Sept. 2021)

Important Dates

First Round:

  • End of April: Deadline for Application
  • Mid May : Final notification of acceptance

Second Round (will take place if the two scholarships have not been attributed during the first round):

  • End of May: Deadline for Application
  • Mid June : Final notification of acceptance


Please concatenate the following documents in a SINGLE pdf file:

  • Detailed CV, transcripts,motivation letter, recommendation letters.

  • Fill the following form