Evolving Internet


Chadi BarakatWalid Dabbous


2 ECTS The Internet has grown from a research curiosity to something we all rely on daily. It has been able to withstand rapid growth fairly well and its core protocols have been robust enough to accommodate numerous applications that were unforeseen by the original Internet designers. Evolving Internet (EI) will concentrate on the evolution of Internet architecture and protocols. We will focus on routing and congestion control (transport issues in general) and explain how they function and how they have evolved over the years since the Internet creation. The course will start by an overview of the Internet architecture, then digs into the details of the routing and transport protocols, especially from the point of view of their evolution and the way they managed to overcome the different changes that the Internet has faced: expansion, mobility, heterogeneity, etc.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of TCP/IP networking protocols and layered architecture.