Information security and privacy in emerging technologies


Karima Boudaoud


  • 2 ECTS

This lecture concerns security of applications, services and data at Web, Mobile and Cloud level.

The 1st part of the lecture will focus on Privacy and Security of technologies such as Mobile and Cloud.
The 2nd part will target security of software applications.

  • Give a global vision on the security issues in the Cloud and Mobile World and its impact on privacy and at the enterprise environment.
  • Present the basic concepts and mechanisms to resolve security issues.
  • Provide the tools to secure software applications
  • Give an overview on the importance of privacy management and the existing approaches to protect privacy from a legal and technological point of view.
  • Privacy (Frank Dawson – Nokia - USA)
  • Engineering point of view & legal (European regulation for personal Data Protection)
  • Privacy dans smartphones (Vincent Rocca – INRIA)
  • Java Security (Laurent Gomez – SAP)
  • Mobile Security (Laurent Gomez – SAP)
  • Cloud Computing Security (Karima Boudaoud - I3S)
  • Cloud Computing Security (Christophe Menet - HP)
  • Industrial point of vue


  • Bruce Schneier: Secret and Lies, Digital Secuirty in a Networked World, John Wiley &Sons, 2000.
  • Charles Pfleeger: Security in Computing, Third Edition, Prentice Hall International
  • G. McGraw, E. Felten: Securing Java, John Wileys & Sons
  • Ross Anderson: Security Engineering, John Wiley & Sons