Algorithms for telecommunications


Frederic GiroireNicolas NisseDavid Coudert


  • 2 ECTS

The lectures will present problems arising in the design of telecommunication networks considered by operators like Orange or manufacturers like Alcatel. There will be two kinds of networks studied including optical WDM networks with MPLS management and wireless radio networks. In both cases environmental aspects like minimization of energy will be considered. Examples of such problems are tunnels in MPLS, multicasting, WIFI access, gathering in radio networks, placement of access points, fault tolerant on board satellite networks.

For each problem we will show how to give simple models to tackle them. Then we will introduce algorithmic tools to solve them. All these problems being difficult, we will emphasize approximation algorithms, dynamic programming and heuristics. We will also present some basics of distributed algorithms. These studies will widely use the tools in graph theory and combinatorial optimization presented in Algorithms for telecommunications I .

Prerequisites: basic knowledge of graph theory, complexity of algorithms and optimization (see Algorithms for telecommunications ).